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For our future to be prosperous, our workforce and community must be healthy. Through Harris County Public Health & Environmental Services (HCPHES), the Harris County Hospital District, and a wide array of public, private, and community healthcare providers, we are delivering quality care to those who need it today and adding capacity for the years ahead.

Business continuity, government operations, and our school districts are being secured against the threat of pandemic influenza by comprehensive, and proven, pandemic planning. In a recent RAND Corporation assessment of systems designed to receive urgent case reports, HCPHES was among an elite group of local healthcare departments to score 100% in a test of its real-world performance.

In its 40th year, the Harris County Hospital District is the third largest public health system in the country. A vital safety net that contributed over $1.3 billion in charity care last year, the District carefully balances its roles as a world-recognized leader in trauma care and as our region’s primary provider of indigent care.

Harris County Public Health & Environmental Services

Harris County Hospital District

Harris County Healthcare Alliance

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